Friday, August 9, 2013

Late but the Latest; Seven Eleven in Bacolod City

Welcome Seven Eleven in the city of smiles.. well here they are, Mandalagan had a Soft Opening last month of June, and thereafter, a grand opening was held simultaneously at both branches in Mandalagan and the new branch in Capital Lagoon.. although I wasn't there (coz technically i'm allergic to big crowds :3 ).. but I enjoyed cozy moments when all branches are in the normal manner..  Seven Eleven is now Open at Mandalagan (2 Sanparq the first branch ), Lacson Lagoon (in front of  Capital Lagoon),Silay City and at Front of Pan Asiatic Call Center at East Bloc near the Bacolod New Gov't Center.. (Lopues East) opening soon is at Lourdes-C 1 centere (beside L'Fisher Hotel Lacson and confirmed) and In front of Planta Hotel (South to be Confirmed )..

My Experiences at the Mandalagan Branch (2 Sanparq)

Seven Eleven opened softly in Mandalagan and I was able to get a hype and checked what they have in stored for bacolenos, but it seems they are prepared.. as it is seven eleven is a real 24-hr convenience store and part fastfood chain they had every neccessity you need.. but some of the grocer items were a bit hefty in the pocket but well.. their food options were a bargain.. 

Although the Queue of Convergys agents have been testing my patience I was testing the price well..  Some filipino meals worth P49; a good startup, other  included were their signature pasta, snacks et all at also P49, what got me is the hot dog meal that was only P41, and coffee whic was around P45  in fullsize.. 

Well to Start Off, I just got this Fun Cone which is around P15, which was a big good treat; the fun cone satisfied its size..  

Some of our experiences in the Lacson Branch Together with Steffi and Suzy..

What really hit Bacolenos, Bacolod Schoolgirls and the residents is actually seven-eleven's ever-popular slurpee, last grand opening there were thousands of people lining up in Lacson Branch to taste the 500 free slurpee and cones, but I decided together with my "Prodigal Daughters" Steff and Suzy to try it out at a time where nobody minded it.. so we had an opprtunity and we snuck in the Lagoon Branch with the queue's not that long and we bought ourselves the P28 Slurpee and some snacks..

Steffi  was hesitant in operating the vending machine and let me do it for her.. oh crap!! cut the gentleman whateverness and start being a girl  Siberian Reindeer Herder  and a cowgirl so you can know how to operate one.. 

well someone also requested  the Pepsi Gulp  

Cold and Cozy Comrades... my little comradettes said its maybe once they can have a eatout this cozy and quiet.. well the coffe was around P29.. and seems the two have been in mind trying it out..
If you want to get a cold slurpee where you won't wait for long queues; the lacson branch security guard recommended coming at weekdays 9 to 10 morning and 2 to 3 afternoon, so if you want a bargain in your group's snack out or a really big group date; try seven eleven bacolod if its really a dire thing of budgeting.. 

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