Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rainy Bacolod Afternoon

 Well i was off to the streets with an important matter to deal with with some of my papers, and was going around town since the past 5 hours, well after a very tiring roundabout I decided to visit my mother alma matter NOHS, well I stayed there for an hour and decided to talk with a friend inside well when I was about to leave the school, the rain kicked in;

 because of the rain, many student got late and some got so wet when they entered school;
 well the malice attitude of filipinos and especially illongos are inborn.. talk about this young schoolgirls who don't bother that their male schoolmates see their most guarded intimates to show up and display all the beautiful colors and designs it has..

A bunch of lovely, wet and sexy young illongo schoolgirls met me across the gate as I was about to go out.. 

The reason why they get wet is that they never expected the rain to fall down and many never prepared even a sweater or a jacket, they just run across the rain..

some illongo schoolgirls never learn a lesson..

yup; this pic shows the schoolgirls who ran and got wet after reaching the gate; talk about an instant underwear fashion show.. when I took the pic this young ladies were talking about the bura they were wearing for the day..
well if your not convinced, here's a more detailed cropped version of the pic

As the rain continued to pour in more and more students came, wet and tired and too anxious to go to class..

the rain continued to pour and pour..

I decided to run down awing not to delay my time; well as I was going thru I encountered more students and stuck pedestrians who seek shelter from the awnings and fairings of the nearby buildings

others came prepared but still wet, because of their friends sharing umbrellas 

yes; although sharing is caring but the so-called illongo wet and wild underfashion show which I shared to you, the essence really starts at an early age.. 

i'm not exempted I too was drenched by the torrid rain..

more schoolgirls do the rain marathon and end up exposing everything...

well that's high school life,  this pic shows male students sprinting and playing tug with oncoming vehicles

some students got stranded and some of them decided to AWOL and either go home, or do the layaw thing as the last option...

I decided to take a trisikad to help ease out my soaking problems and reach my final destination..
well although i'm kind of wet I never had an onset of  fever whatsoever after such misadventure...
ti'll my next post comrades!

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