Monday, November 15, 2010

Modern Illongo Wedding

Well how's its like to hold a modern illongo wedding here in Bacolod?? Well some illongo couples have already started to utilize package plans from different coordinators and caterers, depending on their proposed budget and economics many couples decide to use the in house banquet style, meaning the wedding and reception is held in the same place, it may be the couple's church or a multi-purpose hall similar to Bacolod's Popular Benjamin Hall..

Well the caterer decided to setup base from the nearby utility kubo of the church, here they stocked necessary dishes and viands and all the needed utensils for the wedding

The delivery truck arrives 

Well I got off to bad start in the afternoon and decided to sip some laswa or vegetable soup made from  papaya and malunggay leaves which some of my comrade waiters cooked up before the wedding proper 

Well anyways, back to the wedding; everyone was really getting ready

well the ceremony proper starts..

Sponsors which Comprises of "Maninays and Maninoys" enter..

Flower Girls, Ring, Bible and Coin Bearers enter the stage...

The Groom enters with his parents..

The Ceremony starts with the officiating reverend opening the event with a solemn prayer..

The Bride prepares to enter

The bride enters with her parents

The newlyweds present themselves to the people well its chow time after this!

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