Monday, November 22, 2010

breakfast and lunch combined

Sausage and Tocinong  isda; what's left of the breakfast that I was not able to wake up to..

I decided to eat my lunch as early as possible and breakfast as late as the day.. because of having hard times doing some papers and the time spent, I almost have no time to eat at a regular time, brunch among illongo people are mostly done by bystanders, jobless and call center agents and even students are also included on the list of people taking this out.

well my brunch was personally made up of leftover food from the morning breakfast which I was not able to catch and some new dishes I cooked myself to help out with the left food..
of course a middle day course is never complete for an illongo without rice

that egg thingy is actually the filipino omelet which is made of sauteed  onions and tomatoes which is tossed into scrambled eggs while the creature-like food beside it is dried squid known locally as Lokus nga Pinakas (Lo-kos ngha Pe-na-kas )

Some illongos cannot complete a meal without him...

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