Wednesday, December 1, 2010


something you won't see outside in  inday's front yard 

Dapug (Dah-poug) is literally a local name for an open hearth fireplace were illongos prepare everything from meals to hot water. basically its an open hearth stove were its part of kitchens of houses inside and outside the city it is fueled mainly by either firewood or charcoal or any combustible materials. basic construction is mainly its a bamboo or wooden table which then is strengthened and made into a box and the next step is the box is filled with a non-combustible materials such broken cement chunks and or earth.

This kind of dapug uses a pottery hearth as the cooking area, the flames is kept in control by chunks of cement at the side in order to control the spreading of fire..

Inday seems too lazy cleaning the pots nand the kettle, these pots are made by aluminum but is blackened overtime by burning wood. 

very dented due to to falls and bumps..

A rural kitchen sink 
next to the dapug is a place where there is available water such as the sink or a large earth jug of water.

another kind of dapug which uses steel rods and 2 cement chunks as its cooking area..
the dapug uses mainly firewood and charcoal as their main source of fuel while others use scrap plywood, dead leaves, twigs and branches and many other combustible materials.

Firewood is tored under thew dapug while others store it either under or above the dapug.

Well I hope you otakus out there get the idea of illongo fireplaces...

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